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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Level Advanced - Lesson 09

Level Advanced - Lesson 09

1. I think I ________ my ticket in a few days.

2. - That was a very dirty trick you played on your colleagues. - I know. I feel badly enough about it. You don't need to ________ it ________.

3. Mrs Milton has forty-three cats. I don't know how she ________ them all.

4. I watched a very old professor giving a lecture the other day. He ________ for ages before getting to the point.

5. A sound of hammering came from the workshop, and ________ from the knife- sharpener's shop.

6. The music aroused an ________ feeling of homesickness in him.

7. She had just ________ the shell of the hard-boiled egg and was starting to peel it off.

8. Under certain conditions of stress, some people ________ qualities they had never known they possessed.

9. The young performers ________ and held the audience's attention from the moment the curtain went up.

10. He went to Somerset House ________ looking up the terms of his grandfather's will.

11. Certainly man must ________ the future, and find ways of providing for his needs.

12. I found the missing file ________ on the top shelf.

13. Accuracy is ________ to the programming of computers.

14. Violence in the local prison has ________ two lives.

15. Being both spoilt and lazy he ________ everyone else for his lack of success.

16. The wheels of the car ________ deep into the mud.

17. The children were having a wonderful time ________ on the frozen lake.

18. Mussels, which can be found in abundance on our coasts, are an expensive ________ in most restaurants in England.

19. This house has not been lived in for years and the rooms smell very ________.

20. There's a ________ at that factory; it's impossible to work there without a trade union card.

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