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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Level Advanced - Lesson 08

Level Advanced - Lesson 08

1. The dog felt very ________ when his owners left the house, dressed for a long walk.

2. I doubt whether he can keep ________ his efforts much longer as he looks very tired.

3. His ________ book will deal with industrial relations.

4. At the boxing match, the spectators were thoroughly ________.

5. The Prime Minister frequently wandered from his text to ________ on a point that had obviously caught his audience's interest.

6. I suddenly ________ that it was past ten o'clock.

7. The jury returned ________ of "not guilty".

8. The National Union of Teachers has decided to send David Greenhurst as its ________ to National Conference.

9. On Labour Day the workers will march in ________ through the town.

10. My rifle was not ________ quality, so I did not hit anything.

11. I was so ________ in my book that I didn't hear the doorbell ring.

12. John says that his present job does not provide him with enough ________ for his organising ability.

13. This drawer is ________; I shall have to try and open it with a knife.

14. Charles Dickens used to live in that house and a ________ on the wall commemorates this.

15. Mr Smith made a lot of money in stocks and shares and is now very ________ off.

16. The new director on the board had absolutely no power; he was just a ________.

17. The company were ________ in their drive for increased production by the lack of raw materials.

18. Always wear goggles when spraying paint as a ________ against damage to your eyes.

19. The ________ comedy in the silent films was very funny, especially when the actors threw custard pies at each other.

20. There were a number of fishing boats with blue sails ________ in the harbour.

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