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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Level Advanced - Lesson 05

Level Advanced - Lesson 05

1. Stop ________ about the bush, James! Just tell me exactly what the problem is.

2. My father refused to eat meat that had been fried. He had ________ in his bonnet about it causing cancer.

3. The last item on an agenda is "Any Other Business", which gives people a chance to ________ items that were not dealt with during the main meeting.

4. If you ________ your demand, then maybe you will have more chance of getting what you want.

5. The evening's entertainment was ________ by an electrical power cut.

6. The book is full of practical ________ on home decorating and repairs.

7. The ________ of the book, with the text on the left and the notes on the right, makes it a pleasure to use.

8. The doctor managed to ________ the wound on his leg.

9. The bishop preached a farewell sermon to ________ that filled the church to overflowing.

10. This ________ was conducted to find out how many people prefer butter.

11. ________ lighting has made an important contribution to the cultural development of humanity.

12. After the collision he examined the considerable ________ to his car.

13. Many poets have ________ the beauties of the countryside.

14. I hurried to ________ Smith so that we could discuss some of the new plans as we were walking.

15. The teaching profession offers good career ________ for the well-qualified teacher.

16. The eagle carried the dead lamb away in its ________.

17. Do you think Mrs Barker will be able to ________ with the children and the housework while you are away?

18. Mary didn't seem very well this morning; she looked rather ________.

19. Poor Mary, all her colleagues teased her; she was the ________ of all their jokes.

20. That actress has the most beautiful eyes, brown ________ with green.

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