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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Level Advanced - Lesson 07

Level Advanced - Lesson 07

1. The accident was caused by a taxi driver ________ the traffic lights.

2. Why don't you try praising your students occasionally instead of ________ them all the time?

3. Stuart is a strange man: I cannot ________ him ________.

4. The main road through Littlebury was blocked for three hours today after an accident ________ two lorries.

5. It was difficult to guess what her ________ to the news would be.

6. This is my business and you have no right to ________.

7. He gave his listeners a vivid ________ of his journey through Peru.

8. The escaped prisoner waited until ________ of night before leaving his hiding place.

9. Although it is not our normal ________ to give credit, this time I think we should consider the matter more closely.

10. He decided that it would be a profitable ________ to invest in the new tin-mining company.

11. Colour-blind people often find it difficult to ________ between blue and green.

12. The main cause of the strike was the management's refusal to give further consideration to the question of pay ________.

13. Are there any ________ for believing that there is life on other planets?

14. Johnny doesn't read comics any more; he has ________ them.

15. This painting, originally attributed to Rembrandt, has now been discovered to be a ________.

16. The actor had already proved his ________ in his first film.

17. It was absolutely ________ black outside and we were unable to see a thing.

18. Archaeologists are ________ a tomb in Central Asia which is said to be 20,000 years old.

19. Although they are relatively cheap, peanuts are said to be very ________.

20. That factory hand is constantly in trouble at union meetings as he is always ________.

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Sẽ đặt Quảng cáo

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The sounds in "head" and "hate"

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