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Friday, October 26, 2007

Level Advanced - Lesson 26

Level Advanced - Lesson 26

1. I caught the last bus by the skin of my ________.

2. You didn't think I was being serious, did you, Brian! It was a joke! I was pulling your ________, that's all!

3. I was already fed up with the job, but when the boss walked into my office and told me he expected me to work overtime that was the ________. I quit.

4. It's a good idea to ________ people before taking them into your confidence.

5. - Is it raining? - Raining? It's absolutely ________!

6. It's not easy trying to find the right Smith in the London telephone directory: you may have to ________ about thirty pages of Smiths.

7. As the sky darkened it soon became obvious that a violent thunderstorm was ________.

8. The government's strong action demonstrated its ________ to crush the rebellion.

9. The Department is also deeply ________ in various improvement schemes.

10. Far more should be done to ________ the suffering of unwanted domestic pets.

11. The water-skier ________ over the water.

12. He was ________ by a bee when he was collecting honey.

13. We tried to make a success of the business, but were ________ by difficulties at every turn.

14. Only hotel guests have the ________ of using the private beach.

15. The diamonds were stolen from the jeweller's shop in a ________ raid.

16. The ________ use of adjectives ruins much written English.

17. Mr Jones is the ________ of the sports club; he deals with all the finance.

18. Do not write the answers in fractions; ________ to whole numbers.

19. Mr Brown was always smiling, and the ________ round his eyes he referred to as his 'laughter lines'.

20. The scientists became very excited as they felt they were on the ________ of a new discovery.

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