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Friday, October 26, 2007

Level Advanced - Lesson 29

Level Advanced - Lesson 29

1. I don't know whether Peter would be interested in joining our Conservation Society. I'll ________ him ________ about it.

2. A ________ change in policy is needed if relations are ever to improve.

3. No human being is ________ but Alistair Allington made very few mistakes.

4. The floods did not start to ________ until two days after the rain had stopped.

5. He is considered to be an outstanding artist but I consider his work to be quite ________.

6. When I went into the dining room next morning the ________ of the dinner were still on the table.

7. It is not profitable to provide bus service in districts where the population is widely ________.

8. Many university courses are not really ________ to the needs of students or their future employers.

9. She ________ along the path, glad to be able to take her time.

10. Many road accidents occur because motorists cannot ________ the speed of approaching vehicles.

11. He offered her a ticket for the concert, and she gladly ________.

12. The motion was proposed by Mr Jones and ________ by Mr Pearson.

13. What was the ________ of that article on devolution? I haven't had time to read it.

14. The Council are going to impose further parking restrictions in the more ________ streets of the city.

15. If anything goes wrong with the car, Mr Jones always ________ his wife's driving.

16. The medicine should be ________ with a little water.

17. I think it would be best if Grandmother went straight to bed when she arrives, to ________ the effects of her long journey.

18. The horse's harness ________ as it trotted along briskly.

19. The National Theatre receives a large ________ of 2,000.000 USD from the Government every year.

20. It's interesting to see the seagulls ________ up and down on the waves near the fishing boats.

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