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Friday, October 26, 2007

Level Advanced - Lesson 30

Level Advanced - Lesson 30

1. If I have time tomorrow, I ________ Jane.

2. Because the owner wanted a quick sale, the house went for ________ - only 15,000 $.

3. I always get ________ in my stomach before visiting the dentist.

4. The escaped prisoner fought ________ before he was finally overpowered.

5. It's very late and I have a busy day tomorrow. If you don't mind, I think I'll ________ now.

6. The BBC tries to ________ for all tastes with its four national programmes.

7. I have had a ________ of misfortunes.

8. A force of desperate men burst out of the besieged city and ________ the army that had surrounded them.

9. He had always had a good opinion of himself, but after the publication of his best-selling novel he became unbearably ________.

10. Bitterly cold grey weather together with the after-effects of influenza made him feel very ________.

11. It was his ________ to retire from business the following year.

12. Although I tried to concentrate on the lecture I was ________ by the noise from the next room.

13. The dentist had to ________ the tooth as it was badly decayed.

14. There were no witnesses of the murder, but the ________ evidence of the prisoner's guilt was overwhelming.

15. No hazard or difficulty could ________ the two mountaineers from their intention of reaching the summit.

16. The Sussex downs are part of our English national ________.

17. If the Government continues with its present housing policy, it is likely to ________ considerable opposition.

18. There is a large ________ for tropical birds in the city park.

19. Owing to their unruly behaviour, the football team were ________ from taking part in the match on Saturday.

20. I heard on the news that the import/export ________ has been narrowed this month.

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