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Friday, October 26, 2007

Level Advanced - Lesson 28

Level Advanced - Lesson 28

1. He has told us so many lies that we can no longer place any ________ on what he says.

2. Having been to prison, I can now understand something of the criminal ________.

3. The tremor in his voice ________ his nervousness.

4. He has read widely but seldom thought deeply so his apparent learning is really quite ________.

5. The widely-publicised demonstration did not after all ________.

6. Our men looked up as the planes passed ________.

7. I wished that I could cry, but I was too ________ by my upbringing.

8. I was told that this material would not ________ in the wash but it has.

9. An almost ________ line of traffic was moving at a snail's pace through the town.

10. Keys should never be hidden around the house since thieves ________ know where to look.

11. When the student graduated, he got his ________.

12. You will find John rather difficult to understand at first, as he has a slight ________ in his speech.

13. A new coin was ________ to commemorate the Queen's Silver Jubilee.

14. You would be well advised to remain with the firm for at least three years in order to ________ your experience.

15. With the rise in prices and continuing inflation, most people are beginning to feel the ________.

16. The animals taken to the slaughterhouse must be killed by ________ methods.

17. The side of the cliff was ________ with small holes where the seabirds had made their nests.

18. The new Chairman of the Board has ________ himself to improve the Company's performance in the export market.

19. The saleswoman ________ my attention to the intricate embroidery on the front of the blouse.

20. Little boys never seem to like washing, and their faces and hands are generally pretty ________.

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