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Friday, October 26, 2007

Level Advanced - Lesson 27

Level Advanced - Lesson 27

1. My father ________ when he found out that I'd damaged the car.

2. Simon never takes anything seriously. He just likes ________.

3. Enquiries ________ the condition of patients may be made personally or by telephone.

4. The forecast predicted ________ weather with snow, sunshine, wind and thunder and that is just what we have had.

5. This book gives a brief ________ of the history of the castle and details of the art collection in the main hall.

6. There has been a great deal of ________ about the results of the coming elections.

7. It was too early in the ________ to expect many visitors to a seaside town.

8. A very large cat was watching us intently from the top of a ________ car.

9. After so many weeks without rain, the ground quickly ________ the little rain that fell last night.

10. ________ me to take some money with me when we go shopping tomorrow.

11. He took the day off work to ________ his aunt's funeral.

12. After his leave, Alfred went back on duty to ________ his soldiers.

13. His account must be true, because the evidence he gave ________ that of two other witnesses.

14. We forgave his bad temper because we knew that his son's illness had put him under great ________.

15. Some people still cling to the ________ that the Earth is flat.

16. The habit of taking cold baths in the winter is said to be ________ to the English.

17. All the men working at the atomic power station have to be equipped with ________ clothing.

18. It is difficult to grow good vegetables in the poor ________ in this area.

19. It was impossible for the student to work out the answer to the question, so he just ________.

20. It was not easy to get an extra allowance, but he ________ it through an influential friend.

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