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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Level Advanced - Lesson 25

Level Advanced - Lesson 25

1. I can't stand Mr Bryant. He's always blowing his own ________ - telling everyone how good he is at everything.

2. John will never buy you a drink - he is far too ________.

3. When the dentist has finished drilling your tooth, he will offer you a glass of peculiar pink liquid and tell you to ________ your mouth ________.

4. When one company tries to gain control of another by offering a high price for its shares, it is making a ________ bid.

5. I was so tired that I just ________ in the armchair.

6. I'm sorry, but I don't think you and I have met before. Are you sure you're not ________ me ________ with somebody else?

7. The rainbow ________ as the sun came fully out from behind the clouds.

8. I ________ what her name is: I'm sure I know her face.

9. One of the problems local authorities have to deal with is the ________ of plastic containers.

10. New mineral resources may be discovered during the forthcoming Antarctic ________.

11. Beside washing that cut, put some ________ on it in case you have got some dirt in it.

12. The teacher could find no ________ with his pupil's work.

13. Most people were no longer listening to his long ________ story.

14. The trapped sparrow ________ against the window pane.

15. She was a shy woman and took ________ behind a rather forbidding bluntness of manner.

16. The accused man was released on ________ pending the hearing of the case.

17. I am afraid you missed the ________ of my argument.

18. You will have to ________ those apple trees if you want a good crop of apples next summer.

19. The ________ cash for day-to-day expenses is kept in that red box.

20. Before you agree to buy that house, find out if the Building Society will give you a ________.

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