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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Level Advanced - Lesson 23

Level Advanced - Lesson 23

1. The sky got very dark and soon it began to ________ down.

2. Ask David to give you a hand moving the furniture. He's as strong as ________.

3. The man in the market was selling leather coats very cheaply: they were such bargains that they were soon ________.

4. The business had been allowed to ________ to such an extent that it was sold for only a quarter of its true market value.

5. Since any answer was likely to cause embarrassment to his party the politician tried to ________ the question.

6. Is a person to be more highly ________ for his courage or for his self-sacrifice?

7. He didn't intend to ________ this conversation further himself, for he disliked his aunt's patronising tone.

8. The explosion blew the kitchen door off its ________.

9. A competitor may submit any number of entries, ________ each one is accompanied by a packet top.

10. This is the ________ piano on which the composer created some of his greatest works.

11. The blow at the end of round three knocked the champion ________.

12. A half-savage mongrel went ________ the tramp as the man approached the farm.

13. He bought that house, ________ that he would inherit money under his uncle's will.

14. His parents gave him many expensive toys as some form of ________ for his lameness and inability to play active games.

15. Although John is not fluent in French yet, he has quite a good ________ of the language.

16. Charles Dickson used to be a ________ of mine when we both worked at Highway Secondary School.

17. It was a magnificent sight to see the waterfall ________ over the rocks into the river below.

18. The annual ________ of steel has risen enormously in recent years.

19. The children gazed at the magician ________ as he performed his tricks.

20. Sociologists say that an element of violence is ________ in all societies.

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