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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Level Advanced - Lesson 22

Level Advanced - Lesson 22

1. It is a serious operation for a woman as old as my grandmother. She's very frail. I hope she ________.

2. He was tried for forgery in a law court but was lucky enough to ________.

3. The defending lawyer quickly spotted the ________ in the allegations made by the prosecution.

4. It is clear from the demonstration that the students no longer ________ the authority of the University staff.

5. He is not one of those ________ members of the staff who read 'The Times' and take an interest in art and philosophy.

6. The teacher was ________ both in his marking of homework and also in his treatment of offenders.

7. The engineers have rejected the employers' proposals to end the strike and the other workers have come out in ________.

8. Peter will never marry; he is a ________ bachelor.

9. This lime juice needs ________ before you can drink it.

10. Station Notice: ________ here for the Zoo.

11. If you stay at that hotel, you will be able to take part in a variety of sporting ________.

12. It was decided at the conference that properly ________ women should be allowed to become members of the club.

13. All the members of the committee gave ________ support to the motion.

14. Professor Markham is ________ into the effects of climate on physical development.

15. Owing to the heavy traffic on the road to the airport, it was ________ whether we would be in time to catch our plane.

16. The baby gurgled happily and then ________ down its bib.

17. Before leaving the country the businessman had to ________ his affairs.

18. The possibility cannot be ________ that human beings may have to live on other planets one day.

19. My car is 7 years old now and is ________ to go wrong if driven too fast.

20. I do wish you would stop cracking your fingers; it ________ my teeth on edge.

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