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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Level Advanced - Lesson 21

Level Advanced - Lesson 21

1. I didn't suspect anything at first, but when I noticed her going through the office drawers I began to smell ________.

2. I'll never eat and drink as much as that again! I was as sick as a ________ on the way home!

3. Our teacher tends to ________ certain subjects which she finds difficult to talk about.

4. When the steelworks closed down, 400 workers were made ________.

5. As a result of the strike, the Government is urging people to be ________ with electricity.

6. The tenant must be prepared to decorate the property ________ the terms of the agreement.

7. He went ahead with unpopular changes, ________ to hostile criticism.

8. Elegantly-dressed people were strolling along the many tree-lined ________ through the park.

9. I ________ my eyes round the room but saw nothing unusual.

10. The cathedral is ________ in the centre of the city.

11. The noise of the traffic ________ Paul from his works.

12. In my opinion Anderson's reputation as an artist is very ________.

13. His solicitor advised him to make sure that the house was fully ________ by insurance.

14. That portrait is considered to he a very good ________ of my grandmother.

15. The landlord requires a 10 USD ________ from tenants to cover possible damage.

16. The front door is in a terrible state; the paint is ________ badly.

17. Although the boy confessed to the crime the magistrate ________ as it was his first offence.

18. The spine of that book seems badly split. I should take it to a good ________ and have it repaired.

19. You'd better put your boots on, it's very ________ underfoot since the thaw.

20. The thief was arrested and taken to the police station where he was ________ with shoplifting.

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