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Monday, October 22, 2007

Level Advanced - Lesson 20

Level Advanced - Lesson 20

1. If you want a flat in the centre of the city you have to pay through the ________ for it.

2. And that ________, Brian, is why I can't marry you!

3. Someone who is mentally confused can be described as a ________ person.

4. He couldn't explain the problem well, as he had only a ________ knowledge of the subject.

5. The fire must have broken ________ after the staff had gone home.

6. He ________ in the doorway in order to light his cigarette.

7. To be a good short story writer one needs, among other things, a very ________ imagination.

8. There is a very widely ________ demand for this law to be changed.

9. Good lighting in factories leads to greater comfort, higher ________ and productivity, fewer mistakes and accidents.

10. The firm should make a substantial profit ________ satisfactory labour relations are maintained.

11. We all knew from the very ________ that the plan would fail.

12. I hope you are not ________ that I obtained this money dishonestly.

13. The threat of a general strike was ________ only by prompt Government action.

14. He is a clever mimic who can take ________ most of the lecturers in his college.

15. When I try to get a programme on short wave on my radio, I can never hear it properly because there is so much ________.

16. The Chairman's secretary was asked to take the ________ at the Committee meeting.

17. Atkinson resigned from the company when he was ________ for promotion to Area Manager.

18. If the terrorists are not sent to prison, there will he a public ________.

19. The Judge who will ________ the case is known to be very lenient.

20. I was extremely annoyed when the shutter of my camera ________ just as I was going to take a photograph.

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