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Monday, October 22, 2007

Level Advanced - Lesson 17

Level Advanced - Lesson 17

1. You're not getting enough to eat, Karen! Look at you! You're as thin as a ________.

2. It's none of your business: please don't ________ things that don't concern you.

3. There is a ________ of a thousand pounds offered for the capture of the murderer.

4. The eight vehicles in the sale-room can all lay some ________ to being bargains.

5. I realised it would be far too ________ to walk alone through those ill-lit streets after dark.

6. I do not ________ to be clever but I am not stupid.

7. The discussion quickly became a very ________ argument about increasing prices.

8. ________ of half-starving wolves were roaming the snow-covered countryside.

9. The noise was so ________ that only those with excellent hearing were aware of it.

10. His speech was careful and ________ but his words seemed to make no sense.

11. It is not as difficult to store the information as it is to ________ it quickly when it is wanted again.

12. A sudden movement caught the antelope's attention and he instantly became ________ and alert.

13. From the cheers and shouts of ________, I gathered that he was winning the race.

14. Until I heard Mr Barnes' amusing speech at the meeting last night, I had never realised he was such a ________ speaker.

15. Some doubt has been ________ on the reliability of the witness's statement.

16. The prisoner was ________ in custody for a medical report.

17. Unless you pack those trousers more carefully, they will ________.

18. Being left-handed the workman accidentally ________ the screws instead of tightening them.

19. The Sales Manager was not very interested in the proposed advertising ________.

20. When I return from holiday, I shall have to ________ with a lot of work.

Test back with: Level Advanced - Lesson 16 Or Level Advanced - Lesson 17

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