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Monday, October 22, 2007

Level Advanced - Lesson 18

Level Advanced - Lesson 18

1. Those second-hand Walkmans are selling like ________. If you want one, you'd better buy one now before they're all gone.

2. The crowd was so angry that it took their leader ages to get them to ________.

3. A neglected part of a city is called a ________ area.

4. That battered old hat of his is a ________ joke to all his friends.

5. Income tax rates are ________ to one's annual income.

6. A solution to the problem of absenteeism in that factory is long ________.

7. We must hear the ________ of the last meeting before we proceed.

8. After the Cabinet reshuffle, the Minister wasn't very happy at his new ________.

9. In the medical profession, men ________ women by five to one.

10. I just managed to ________ a quick breath before I was sucked under the water by the passing boat.

11. An Arctic blizzard swept through the now ________ city streets.

12. Because he hates dishonesty he is ________ on his children when they tell lies.

13. He lives entirely alone ________ the rats, bats, moths and mice.

14. He began ________ absurd plans for escaping.

15. I admit that Hobson is sometimes late and inclined to be untidy, but in spite of these ________, he is a very good craftsman.

16. Marketing this new product may prove expensive but ________ I think it will be worth the money we spend on it.

17. The hotel can only offer us two ________ rooms without bath for the first fortnight in August.

18. If you are an electrician you will know the difference between an alternating and a direct ________.

19. When you return to your country, don't forget to ________ with me.

20. The claimants in the accident case have agreed to ________ the matter out of court.

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