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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Level Advanced - Lesson 11

Level Advanced - Lesson 11

1. Some people can just ________ a cold, but my colds seem to linger for weeks.

2. The ________ cats that are still found in some remote places are distantly related to our friendly domestic companions.

3. The lorry was travelling at a high ________.

4. Many countries have now succeeded in ________ the malarial mosquito.

5. He came to inspect the house ________ buying it.

6. The car salesman took the customer for a drive in the new model in order to ________ its improved features.

7. As business increased, the Managing Director had to learn to ________ work.

8. As they watched the match, the crowd ________ in unison.

9. A completely new situation is likely to ________ when the school leaving age is raised to 16.

10. He wrote the text book in ________ with his brother.

11. My old aunt had a ________ passion for collecting useless objects.

12. The child who ran out into the road only missed being run over by a ________.

13. Paul has suffered from epileptic ________ ever since his accident.

14. I shall ________ from voting for a new Chairman, as I have no confidence in any of the candidates.

15. Cable cars have been a ________ of transport in San Francisco since 1873.

16. Peter has always been interested in animals and wild flowers, so I'm sure he would enjoy this book on the ________ history of California.

17. I am not prepared to sell you my house unless you offer a more ________ price.

18. The Minister was trying to avoid publicity so he kept ________.

19. He had never been to Japan before and had only a ________ of the language.

20. Inflation will never be brought under control while prices continue to ________.

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