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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Level Advanced - Lesson 14

Level Advanced - Lesson 14

1. It's hard to believe Brian and Steven are brothers, isn't it? They're as different as ________.

2. You may not like what has happened but you cannot simply ________ it ________. It really happened, and you must face up to that fact.

3. Children under the age of 16 are not ________ to enter for the competition.

4. I fear you can't count on him: he's liable to ________ out when things become difficult.

5. The anarchist banner was ________ defiantly in the demonstration.

6. The book proved to be very unreliable and so was quite ________ to him in his research.

7. The ________ of the clock showed that it was time for dinner.

8. The kitchen was small and ________ so that the disabled woman could reach everything without difficulty.

9. When we shook hands I was conscious of his firm ________.

10. She didn't ________ doing the washing up, as she hadn't wanted to go out anyway.

11. After winning so much money, we went on a spending ________.

12. The book should be well within the ________ of anyone who studied French for three years.

13. Medieval travellers' tales of fantastic creatures were often fascinating but not always ________.

14. A great deal of the speaker's argument was ________ and irrelevant to the problem.

15. In spite of the ________ they had suffered, the wrecked sailors did not seem to have been seriously affected by their ordeal.

16. Paul has never learnt to read music; he only plays by ________.

17. That man is not to be trusted; he has a very ________ reputation.

18. I could never watch a doctor performing an operation; I am far too ________.

19. As we could only get two seats for the opera, the six of us decided to draw ________ to decide who should go.

20. The new Ambassador drove to the Palace to present his ________ to the Queen.

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