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Friday, August 10, 2007

TOEFL - Lesson 41

Trình độ TOEFL - Bài 41

1. Manufacturers often sacrifice quality ________.

2. A well-known large natural lake is Lake Tahoe, ________ straddles the California-Nevada border.

3. Total weight of all the ants in the world is much greater than ________.

4. Elephants scratch themselves with sticks ________.

5. Eli Whitney's milling machine remained unchanged for a century and a half because ________ was so efficient.

6. I don't know if ________ in my essay.

7. Alcohol abuse is a problem that can lead to ill health, loss of employment and ________.

8. ________ the operation costs were rising so fast, the United Nations decided to reduce personnel by half.

9. A dolphin six ________ length can move as fast as most ships.

10. ________ spotted owl is in danger of soon becoming extinct.

11. In carpentry, ________ "ceiling joists" refers to boards hung down from unfinished ceilings as the backbone from which finishing materials can be hung.

12. The bank sent a notice to its customers which contained ________.

13. Kubrick's going to be nominated to receive the Academy Award for best director, ________?

14. The overall efficiency of a system can be ________ that of its weakest element.

15. After seeing the movie 'Centennial', ________.

16. Composing more than forty percent of the diet, fats are ________ by the body for energy.

17. Therapists are currently using mental imagery in the hope that it might prove ________ in the treatment of cancer.

18. ________ as the most important crop in Hawaii is sugar cane.

19. The life of Benjamin Franklin, a practical man ________ many stories have been told, was unusually productive.

20. Her son went to Yale University, while her daughter went to ________.

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