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Friday, August 10, 2007

TOEFL - Lesson 37

Trình độ TOEFL - Bài 37

1. In the Great Smoky Mountains, one can see ________ 150 different kinds of trees.

2. Everybody congratulated the young teacher for the ________ seminar.

3. Mr. Roberts is a noted chemist ________.

4. As a safety measure, the detonator for a nuclear device may be made of ________ each of which is controlled by a different employee.

5. ________ physicist, Gabriel Fahrenheit, invented the mercury thermometer in 1714.

6. ________ is the cause of most small-business failures is virtually an economic truism.

7. ________ unknown quantities is the task of algebra.

8. An abstract painter and a pioneer of Surrealism, ________ and symbolic images.

9. Chosen as the nation's capital at the end of the American Civil War, ________ a city of over a million people.

10. Although they are smaller, chipmunks are ________ most other ground squirrels.

11. ________ earth might be experiencing a global warming trend which could have devastating climatic effects.

12. According to estimates by some botanists, there are ________ of plants.

13. Some retirement communities will not sell property to new residents unless they are about ________ the rest of the residents.

14. Cupid, one of the ancient Roman gods, ________.

15. If services are increased, taxes ________.

16. Projective tests ________ as the Rorschach Test have no right or wrong answers.

17. ________ in 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge spans the channel at the entrance to San Francisco Bay.

18. The electric eel uses its electric shock to capture food and ________.

19. Baboons eat a variety of foods, ________ eggs, fruits, grass, insects, plant leaves, and roots.

20. Both historically and ________, Ontario is the heartland of Canada.

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