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Monday, August 6, 2007

TOEFL - Lesson 20

Trình độ TOEFL - Bài 20

1. ________ Giant Ape Man, our biggest and probably one of our first human ancestors, was just about the size of a male gorilla.

2. The strongest dump trucks work in rock quarries, ________ tons of rocks and soil at one time.

3. Poison oak generates irritating poisons ________ even if people merely brush against the plants.

4. The mechanic told the car owner that he should not ________ the car over 50 miles per hour.

5. The commitee decided to award ________ a prize even though he didn't win.

6. ________ the last lunar eclipse lasting longer than any this century, we were able to try out our new telescope.

7. Since Elizabeth Barrett Browning's father never approved of ________ Robert Browning, the couple eloped to Italy where they lived and wrote.

8. Not until the mid-nineteenth century ________ achieve recognition.

9. ________ their territories but rather than fight, they howl.

10. The TOEFL examination ________ by the year 2000.

11. Henry Ford revolutionized production management by ________ into small steps on a moving line.

12. Unemployment compensation is money to support an unemployed person while he or she is looking for ________ .

13. Many chemicals react ________ in acid solutions.

14. When Jacqueline Kennedy was first lady, she collected many beautiful antiques and ________ them among the original pieces in the White House.

15. Of all the cities in Texas, ________.

16. ________ peaches are classified as freestone or clingstone depends on how difficult it is to remove the pit.

17. The gila monster is ________ poisonous lizards found in North America.

18. ________ cockroach is the pest most in need of eradication is generally agreed upon by housing authorities everywhere.

19. The flamingo uses its bill ________ feeding to filter mud and water from the tiny plants and animals it finds in shallow ponds.

20. Researchers have recently confirmed ________ Pygmies are missing an insulinlike growth factor.

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