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Monday, August 6, 2007

TOEFL - Lesson 17

Trình độ TOEFL - Bài 17

1. Vr.Duncan does not know________the lawn vower after they had finished using it.

2. The painting ________ to the art museum last week.

3. Because she was feeling unwell, ________ to miss the examination.

4. ________ cheaper, Belinda would have bought it.

5. The most noticeable feature of African elephants ________ their large ears being quite different from the ears of Asian elephants.

6. Fred's yearly income since he changed professions has ________.

7. Although the weather in Martha's Vineyard isn't ________ to have a year round tourist season, it has become a favorite summer resort.

8. Sound comes in waves, and the higher the frequency, ________.

9. It was proposed by the new member on the committee that membership fees ________ reduced.

10. Neither Jane nor her brothers ________a consent form for tomorrow's field trip.

11. Trace minerals are ________ are elements needed in greater quantities.

12. The manager was angry because somebody ________

13. Richard Nixon had been a lawyer and ________ before he entered politics.

14. The two main ________ are permanent magnets and electromagnets.

15. There are many beautifully preserved historic buildings ________.

16. Clones, ________ , are genetically homogeneous.

17. Although research scientists had hoped that the new drug interferon ________ to be a cure for cancer, its applications now appear to be more limited.

18. ________ his life, Eugene O'Neill was regarded as the foremost American dramatist.

19. ________ born, a baby kangaroo measures less than three inches in length.

20. Electron storage rings ________ in investigations of the structure of materials.

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