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Monday, November 5, 2007

Synonym word TOEFL - Lesson 6

Tìm từ đồng nghĩa với từ được gạch chân - Bài số 6

1. Ranging from solitary to gregarious, beaked whales may travel in schools of several hundreds during the breeding season.

2. In certain industries the workers' apparel is not only cumbersome but also quite heavy.

3. Electrical energy may be divided into two components specified as positive and negative.

4. Dali's paintings can inspire a pensive mood.

5. If we hadn't had a cat, the garage would have been inhabited with mice.

6. Doctors of medicine are among the most wealthy members of American society.

7. Has John given you any clue of what he would like for his birthday?

8. Cashiers must generally account for discrepancies between money taken in and the amount recorded on register tapes.

9. Her passport was invalid because the photograph was taken when she was a child.

10. Dotting the marshy expanse of the Florida Everglades are little islands known locally as hammocks.

11. In colonial times in early America, a popular type of social gathering was the quilting bee.

12. Weight lifting is the gymnastic sport of lifting weights in a prescribed manner.

13. Nightshade is an example of a plant used purely for medicinal purposes.

14. Veterinarians usually give dogs an anesthetic so that they don't cry out in pain.

15. Shelley's famous poem "To a Skylark" praises the bird for its carefree spirit.

16. Severe snowstorms cause power failures in the Northeast every winter.

17. Cruel treatment of inmates instigated a riot in one of the Indiana prisons.

18. His hat was knocked askew by the wind.

19. When in Washington, the U.S. President resides at the White House.

20. His final remarks had a tremendous impact on the audience.

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