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Friday, November 9, 2007

Synonym word TOEFL - Lesson 19

Tìm từ đồng nghĩa với từ được gạch chân - Bài số 19

1. Parsley is cultivated throughout much of the world.

2. Third World countries have had enough of the industrialised nations' exploitation of their natural resources.

3. The conditions under which visas are given are quite explicit, so nobody should complain if they are not given one.

4. Athlets learn to conceal their disappointment when they lose.

5. The National Institute of Mental Health is conducting far-reaching research to determine the psychological effects of using drugs.

6. In order to enjoy fine wine, one should drink it slowly, a little at a time.

7. Although buses are scheduled to depart at a certain hour, they are often late.

8. As a result of severe illness or treatments for illness one may become temporarily hairless.

9. The millionaire only got where he is today by manipulating all the people he worked with.

10. The shop steward, the first-level officer in a labor union, is elected by its members.

11. It is possible for a chemist to use the melting point of a particular substance to determine its purity.

12. The campers heard a strange rustling in the trees.

13. Mark cannot talk well because he has a speech impediment.

14. The cheetah is considered the fastest of all land animal.

15. Fainting, or a temporary loss of consciousness, may be brought about by an insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain.

16. A balance of international payment refers to the net result of the business which a nation carries on with other nations in a given period.

17. In an annulment, a marriage is declared invalid.

18. When Benjamin Franklin became the first American postmaster general in 1775, he worked to improve the frequency and reliability of mail delivery.

19. Carbon monoxide prevents hemoglobin from supplying oxygen to the body.

20. Paul increases the income from his scholarship by working part-time on campus.

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