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Friday, October 19, 2007

Level Advanced - Lesson 02

Level Advanced - Lesson 02

1. I usually buy my clothes ________. It's cheaper than going to a dressmaker.

2. You really dropped ________ the other day when you told Brian you'd seen his wife at the cinema. He thought she was at her mother's.

3. Charlie had such a bad stomach ache that he was ________ with pain.

4. Yesterday the pound fell to a ________ low level against the dollar, according to this morning's news.

5. She bought a blue and yellow hat to ________ her new blue dress.

6. After a long and exhausting journey, they arrived ________.

7. If we ________ the plan you suggest, we are more likely to be successful.

8. The bully tried to take away the younger boy's violin but the youngster ________ him with considerable courage.

9. I'm in no ________ this evening to listen to his silly jokes.

10. He says he would write an English course book if he could find ________ to deal with the less interesting parts.

11. ________ he fails his final examination, he is still sure of a University place.

12. Poisons should be kept in a place that is ________ to children.

13. Have you seen my brother's latest ________ to his stamp collection?

14. That evening he reached the theatre late, only just ________ time to dress and make up.

15. The victory was ________ annually by a ten-gun salute.

16. The Judge decided to ________ the case for two days.

17. Mr Jones is such a ________ speaker, I always lose the thread of what he is saying.

18. This is a very rare poison for which there is no known ________.

19. The social worker was asked to ________ the in formation received about the Harrison family.

20. He ________ up the sheet of paper and dropped it into the waste paper basket.

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