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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

incorrect-word-TOEFL-Lesson 35

Tìm từ sai trong số các từ được gạch chân - Trình độ TOEFL, Bài số 35

1. When one experiences a change in diet by, for example, moving to a new location, you may also experience temporary problems with the digestive tract.

2. During visiting the new footwear plant, the members of the group were introduced to all the latest styles in sports shoes.

3. Gorillas live in largely permanently family groups like humans.

4. Today we know that the Earth is one of nine planets who orbit the sun.

5. Janet is finally used to cook on an electric stove after having a gas one for so long.

6. For a long time, this officials have been known throughout the country as political bosses and law enforcers.

7. Lack of sanitation in restaurants are a major cause of disease in some areas of the country.

8. Some bacteria are extremely harmful, but anothers are regularly used in producing cheeses, crackers, and many other foods.

9. The family decided to call the doctor, who very soon after the call, because the old lady took a turn for the worse.

10. For a quarter of century, Maud McCreery was a compelling figure in Wisconsin's suffrage and labor movements.

11. After learned to print, elementary school children learn cursive writing.

12. Although federal support for basic research programs are much less than it was ten years ago, more funds are now available from the National Science Foundation.

13. Nitrogen must be combine with another element such as hydrogen or oxygen to be useful in agriculture or industry.

14. In order to receive full reimbursement for jewelry that might be stolen, the owner must get all pieces appraise.

15. One of the primary cause of accidents in coal mines is the accumulation of gas.

16. Among Thomas Jefferson's many accomplishment was his work to establish the University of Virginia.

17. In A Farewell to Arms (1926), Hemmingway tried to capture the feelings the American people at the end of World War I.

18. John Hancock was the first to do his signature on the Declaration of Independence.

19. On February 20, 1962, "Friendship 7" orbiting the earth in a manned flight that lasted just under five hours.

20. Grasses form a substantial partly of the diet of many ruminants.

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