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Thursday, September 27, 2007

incorrect-word-TOEFL-Lesson 29

Tìm từ sai trong số các từ được gạch chân - Trình độ TOEFL, Bài số 29

1. Many people have stopped to smoke because they are afraid that it may be harmful to their health.

2. A future system of solid waste managements should begin with reduction in the amount of waste.

3. Many different combination of foods can give us the essentials we need for an adequate diet.

4. Nora hardly never misses an opportunity to play in the tennis tournaments.

5. Neither of the scout leaders know how to trap wild animals or how to prepare them for mounting.

6. As the numeral of older people increases, services for the elderly will soon represent one of the fastest-growing areas of employment.

7. Like jazz, African-American quilts are lively and spontaneously, but unlike jazz, the quilts are just now starting to receive recognition.

8. Located in the cranial cavity in the skull, the brain is the larger mass of nerve tissue in the human body.

9. To building their nests, tailorbirds use their bills as needles.

10. A prism is used to refract white light so it spreads out in a continuous spectrum of colors.

11. Unlike light from other sources, which travels in direction, the light from a laser is highly directional.

12. If a live sponge is broken into pieces, each piece would turn into a new sponge like the original one.

13. If we were to consider all of the different kinds of motion in discussing the movement of an object, it is very confusing, because even an object at rest is moving as the earth turns.

14. Gettysburg has been preserve as a national historic monument because it was the site of a major Civil War battle in which many lives were lost.

15. A space is the last frontier for man to conquer.

16. According to many educators, television should not become a replacement for good teachers, and neither are computers.

17. That once a talented child actress, Shirley Temple Black has established herself as a career diplomat, serving both as a representative in the United Nations and as an ambassador abroad.

18. Major advertising companies have traditionally volunteered its time to public service accounts.

19. Diamonds are evaluated on the basis of their weigh, purity, and color.

20. Because of the approaching storm, the wind began to blow hard and the sky became dark as evening.

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