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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Synonym word TOEFL - Lesson 27

Tìm từ đồng nghĩa với từ được gạch chân - Bài số 27

1. The discontented students retaliated by boycotting the school cafeteria.

2. The speaker was well-known for the way he embellished his talks with poetic language.

3. At crowded resorts it's virtually impossible to spend a tranquil evening by the ocean.

4. Because tornadoes are more prevalent in the middle states, the area from Minnesota to Texas is called Tornado Alley.

5. Various remote-control devices, including automatic valves in pipelines, are activated by radio signals.

6. Members of the intrigue met in secret so that their conspiracy would not be discovered.

7. In a period of economic stagnation, finding a job is particularly difficult for those in certain groups.

8. New chemical dyes for coating glasses have been developed which screen out harmful light rays.

9. The judge's decision was made impartially since he knew both parties personally.

10. Having come from an affluent society, Dick found it difficult to adjust to a small country town.

11. The worst flood in the history of the United States occurred in 1927.

12. Because Dolly is such a good cook, she has concocted a great new recipe.

13. The author wrote with great clarity, not missing a single detail.

14. The driver of the car was liable for the damages caused to the passenger.

15. In 1925 Clarence Darrow competently opposed William Jennings Bryan at the renowned "Monkey Trial".

16. The audience applauded enthusiastically after the performance at the Grand Old Opera.

17. Approximately half of American high school graduates enroll in institutions of higher learning.

18. Henry Ford is known for mass producing the Model T, thus making it available to the average American.

19. Chlorophyll cannot be produced unless the plant is exposed to light.

20. The quest for supercomputers is intensifying.

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