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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Download Tài liệu TOEFL

Bài luận:

Writing Topics | TWE guide

TWE templates | Huong dan - vi du ve Writing

155 Essays (Barron) | 185 topics and sample essays

963 TOEFL essay

Ngữ pháp:

27 tructure Test | Grammar exercises 1 | Grammar exercises 2

Structure Analysis | TOEFL Grammar (Manh) |

Từ vựng:

High frequency words | Word list (kem tieng Viet)


Listening idioms


Test 1 | Test 2 | Test 3 | Test 4 | Test 5 | Reading 95-00

Test 6 | Test 7 | Test 8 | Test 9 | Test 10| | Test 11


Vocabulary Software | TOEFL Reading Software |

Preposition Quiz | Speed Read |

TOEFL Structure


TOEFL iBT Tips | iBT Introduction | TOEFL Secret

1001 Vocab & Spelling question (Learning Express) |

400 Must have words for the TOEFL (McGraw Hill's) |

MBA Center Grammar Review for the TOEFL |

Preparing students 4 CPT |

501 Grammar & Writing Questions (Learning Express) |

TOEFL Computer based book (Cliff) |

Longman Complete course for the TOEFL |

TOEFL Prace Test (Thompson - Peterson) |

Các CDs:

150 TOEFL Test for beginners | ETS TOEFL iBT CD

Kaplan TOEFL iBT CD 1 | Kaplan TOEFL iBT CD 2

Longman iBT CD 1 | Longman iBT CD 2

Longman TOEFL iBT CD | Longman TOEFL iBT Preparation CD

Acro TOEFL CD | Barron TOEFL Audio CD

ETS TOEFL Test | Kaplan TOEFL Delux 2005

Kaplan Listening Practice 1 | Kaplan Listening Practice 2

TOEFL Powerprep | TOEFL - Grammar Tests CD

Kaplan TOEFL | TOEFL Success CD 1

TOEFL Success CD 2 | TOEFL Success CD 3

Barron TOEFL iBT 11ed - CD1 | Barron TOEFL iBT 11ed - CD2

Barron TOEFL iBT 11ed - CD3 | Barron TOEFL iBT 11ed - CD4

Barron TOEFL iBT 11ed - CD5 | Barron TOEFL iBT 11ed - CD6

Barron TOEFL iBT 11ed - CD7 | Barron TOEFL iBT 11ed - CD8

Barron TOEFL iBT 11ed - CD9 | Barron TOEFL iBT 11ed - CD10

Barron TOEFL iBT 11ed - CD11 |

Kaplan TOEFL Paper and Pencil - CD1 | Kaplan TOEFL Paper and Pencil- CD2

Kaplan TOEFL Paper and Pencil - CD3 |

Kaplan TOEFL Paper and Pencil - Book1| Kaplan TOEFL Paper and Pencil Book2

Longman TOEFL iBT Audio CD1 | Longman TOEFL iBT Audio CD2

Longman TOEFL iBT Audio CD3 | Longman TOEFL iBT Audio CD4

Longman TOEFL iBT Audio CD5 | Longman TOEFL iBT Audio CD6

Longman TOEFL iBT Audio CD7 | Longman TOEFL iBT Audio CD8

TOEFL Delta Key - CD1 | TOEFL Delta Key - CD2

TOEFL Delta Key - CD3 | TOEFL Delta Key - CD4

TOEFL Delta Key - CD5 | TOEFL Delta Key - CD6

TOEFL Delta Key - CD7 | TOEFL Delta Key - CD8

TOEFL Delta Key - CD9 | TOEFL Delta Key - CD10

TOEFL Delta Key - Ebook

Sẽ đặt Quảng cáo

Sounds of English (Phát âm)

The sounds in "heed" and "hid"

The sounds in "head" and "hate"

The sounds in "hot" and "hat"

The sounds of in "hoot" and "hood"

The sounds in "hoot" and "hut"

The sounds in "hoed" and "hoot"

The sounds in "ought" and "hot"

The sounds in "oy!", "how" and "height"

Reduced Vowel Sounds

The sounds in "bat" and "pat"

Nasal sounds

The sounds in English

The sounds in "did" and "ted"

r and l sounds in English

The sounds in "sit" and "zit"

The sounds in "fed" and "vittles"

The sounds in "git" and "kit"

Word Final Fricatives - Voiced and Unvoiced

The sound in "hat"

The sound in "wit"

The sounds in "chip" and "jet"

The sound in "yet"

The sounds in "ship" and "measure"

Voiced and Unvoiced

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