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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

TOEFL - Lesson 2

Trình độ TOEFL - Bài 2

1. The evolution of vertebrates suggests development from a very simple heart in fish to a ________ in man.

2. She didn't know ________ when his boss called.

3. John's score on the test is the highest in the class; ________.

4. North Carolina is well known not only for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park ________ for the Cherokee Indian settlements.

5. After the assassination attempt, President Reagan's doctor suggested that he ________ a short rest at Camp David.

6. When sugar ________ to yeast, fermentation takes place.

7. A good student must know________

8. Richard was asked to withdraw from graduate school because ______

9. Once an offending allergen has been identified ________ tests, it is possible for the doctor to give specific desensitizing injections.

10. One of Shaw's ________, "Pygmalion", was the story that formed the basis for the musical play "My Fair Lady".

11. Not only ________ atoms with their microscopes, but they now can also "feel" them with the aid of a versatile sensing device called the "magic wrist."

12. Groups of tissues, each with its own function, ________ in the human body.

13. The Immigration and Naturalization Service often ________ their visas if they fill out the appropriate papers.

14. It is necessary ________ the approaches to a bridge, the road design, and the alignment in such a way as to best accommodate the expected traffic flow over and under it.

15. ________, the outer layer of the skin, contains pigments, pores, and ducts.

16. Rarely ________ acorns until the trees are more than twenty years old.

17. Children usually turn to their parents rather than ________ for protection from threats in the environment.

18. Malaria, which can be fatal if left untreated, is transmitted by the female, ________ by the male, mosquito.

19. Indiana University, one of the largest in the nation, is located ________ town.

20. ________ the best car to buy is a Mercedes Benz.

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