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Friday, August 3, 2007

TOEFL - Lesson 15

Trình độ TOEFL - Bài 15

1. In his autobiography, 'The education of Henry Adams', Adams attempted to show that his generation ________.

2. We all saw the athlete when he ________ the fastest mile ever run at the school.

3. The ________wanted to continue their tour even though the bus had broken down.

4. For the investor who ________ money, silver or bonds are good options.

5. To relieve pain caused by severe burns, prevent infection, and treat for shock, ________.

6. Canada does not require that U.S. citizens obtain passports to enter the country, and ________.

7. Flight nineteen from New York and Washington is now arriving at ________.

8. Sesame ________ a herbaceous plant native to the tropics.

9. A log grabber has a long arm ________, which stretches out to pick up logs.

10. The families were told to evacuate their houses immediately ________.

11. ________ the lip of an open-pit copper mine, the huge tractors and cranes below look like toys, and people look like tiny ants scurrying about.

12. Double stars orbit ________.

13. The bird's egg is such an efficient structure for protecting the embryo inside ________ difficult for the hatchling to break.

14. Besides rain, ________ is seldom pure.

15. A dolphin ________ a porpoise in that it has a longer nose.

16. A symbol of the ancient competition, the Olympic flame burns ________ throughout the games.

17. Although they are both grown in the United States and exported abroad, corn is not native to America and winter wheat ________.

18. Although blood ________ a residue in urine and stool samples, it cannot always be detected without the aid of a microscope.

19. Prospectors rushed to Nevada in 1859 ________ was discovered there.

20. ________ the Christmas shopping season begins.

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